Spartanburg City

The City of Spartanburg has tracked along with the Greater Upstate’s progress: a boom in the early 20th century followed by a downturn, leading into a revitalization of the downtown area bringing us to the modern day. Spartanburg has benefited extensively from a recently-completed strategic renovation to its downtown business district. The area is organized around a pleasant and inviting public square area lined with a variety of restaurants and stores, that often features festivals and other events. Wofford College is just outside of Spartanburg’s downtown.

Looking for a community that values the arts, higher education and a booming economy? Then you are looking for Spartanburg. This Upstate county mixes the perfect blend of history and growth.  This is an international community that adds enough Southern charm that you will never forget you are in Spartanburg.   It offers from front-porch neighborhoods to high-rise condos at affordable prices.

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