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My Favorite Room ... With Joan Herlong

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Originally posted by: Leslie Haas For TALK Greenville

When asked about her favorite room, Joan Herlong didn't hesitate to name her primary suite bath.

Some might find it to be an unconventional pick, but Joan's never been one to blend in with the crowd.

Upon stepping into the serene space, it's easy to imagine how relaxing it might be to wind down in the oversized tub with a glass of wine after a long day.

Don't worry, we refrained from asking for a trial run of the experience -- but we did ask for images to share.

Joan credits Marian McCreight for interior design and Rob Baileyof Renaissance Co. with construction. 


3 Tips to recreate this look: 

1. Use bright whites and strategic lighting to keep an interior room from feeling closed in. Although this master bath contains just one window, thoughtful design keeps it from feeling closed off. 

2. Don't be afraid to add personal touches. No matter how wonderfully designed a room may be, personal touches go a long way. Joan keeps meaningful art from her children on display, and a photo of her beloved mother above the light switch, so she's always reminded of loved ones. 

3. Frame a room with your own idea of perfection in mind. Trends may come and go, but design that will transcend those trends is much more exceptional. 

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